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Broken Promises
In March 2006, StandWithUs sponsored an exclusive screening of the film Broken Promises: The United Nations at 60, followed by a discussion with human rights scholar and activist Anne Bayefsky and the late producer and actor Ron Silver at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills, CA.

This documentary was produced and narrated by Silver, who felt it was important to address how the "world's workshop for peace" had failed to live up to expectations. It highlights the shattered hopes related to the United Nations and corruption from within the international governing body, and it details the UNís dismal performance in promoting security, human rights, and social stability over the past six decades. Broken Promises features testimonials from many esteemed sources such as General Romeo Dallaire, former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, developer Donald Trump, and survivors of genocide who relate their firsthand accounts of the UNís performance in fulfilling its charter mandate of preserving and defending global human rights and preventing war. In addition, the film reports how the UN mishandled tribal conflicts in Rwanda that resulted in the devastating loss of life and mass killing of nearly 1 million Africans.

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