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Rallies / Demonstrations
Since its inception in 2001, StandWithUs has been one of the leading organizations to mobilize supporters of Israel for rallies and demonstrations in cities worldwide -- whether to counter anti-Israel protests or to demonstrate in support of Israel. Our world-renowned signs have been seen at almost every major pro-Israel rally since 2001 and can be downloaded for free HERE
  • When Israel was labeled a racist country once again at the United Nationsí Durban II and Durban III conferences, StandWithUs organized rallies to expose the UNís hypocrisy.
  • When Gilad Shalit was abducted by Hamas terrorists and held as a hostage in isolation for five years, StandWithUs mobilized communities worldwide to organize demonstrations calling for his immediate release.
  • In the aftermath of the flotilla incident in May 2011 and the international condemnation of Israel, StandWithUs organized rallies and demonstrations to raise awareness for the real perpetrators -- Hamas activists.
  • When Israel repeatedly defended itself against rocket and mortar fire from Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, StandWithUs was on the front lines of demonstrations worldwide to defend and support Israelís right to exist within defensible borders. And we will continue to do so.
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