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Durban II & III
“Durban I,” the first United Nations World Conference Against Racism, Xenophobia, and Other Forms of Intolerance, was held in 2001 in Durban, South Africa, and unfolded into a travesty of its stated goals that shocked the world’s democracies. The conference turned into an anti-Semitic hate-fest that singled out democratic, multicultural Israel as the most racist country in the world while ignoring discrimination and human rights crimes rampant in the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere in the world. The conference allegedly against racism turned into a hotbed of racism. Canada, the U.S., and Israel walked out of the conference and condemned Durban I for fomenting the world’s oldest racism, anti-Semitism.

Indifferent to these widespread denunciations of Durban I, the UN attempted to reaffirm the Durban I declaration at a second conference in 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland. Known as “Durban II,” the conference was held amid counter-demonstrations and counter-conferences that focused on the real crimes occurring in Iran, Darfur, the Congo, and elsewhere. Ten leading democracies, including Sweden, the U.S., New Zealand, and Germany, refused to attend. When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at Durban II, over 40 UN representatives walked out to protest his anti-Israel, Holocaust-denying rants. A StandWithUs co-sponsored demonstration featured a somber vigil of students wearing duct tape over their mouths and holding up signs asking why the UN remained silent about the real human rights crimes and suffering around the world. Photos of the demonstration were seen around the world.

In response to the planned 2011 United Nations World Conference Against Racism, dubbed “Durban III,” StandWithUs sponsored and mobilized the pro-Israel community and partner organizations for a “Durban 3-Ring Circus” demonstration against the double standards and hypocrisy that characterized the first two Durban conferences. Leading democratic nations, including Israel, Canada, and the United States, boycotted the Durban III conference for the same reasons as they did the first two Durban conferences -- for demonizing Israel and for flagrant anti-Semitism.

The StandWithUs event at Durban III took place on September 22, 2011, when hundreds of community and professional representatives dressed up as clowns and demonstrated outside UN headquarters in New York City. Roz Rothstein, CEO of StandWithUs, was interviewed by foreign press, the Wall Street Journal, and numerous other publications. StandWithUs was joined by thousands of other protesters demonstrating against the UN’s decision to host President Ahmadinejad as a spokesperson spewing hatred against Israel and Jews.

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