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Billboard Wars
An increasing number of anti-Israel billboards and public ads are being put up in cities across North America. StandWithUs has countered anti-Israel billboards placed by various organizations and individuals for several years. In 2007 and 2009, StandWithUs countered anti-Israel ads in Washington, D.C., Albuquerque, and Houston, and in 2010 StandWithUs worked with other groups to successfully persuade the Chicago and Seattle metro systems to reject proposed ads with inflammatory, anti-Israel messaging. In September 2011, StandWithUs countered anti-Israel ads in New York's subway system with ads that informed the public that “Israel Needs a Partner for Peace.” In 2011-12 StandWithUs countered anti-Israel ads in San Francisco BART stations with its own ads, a number of which highlighted Israel's achievements in AIDS research and water conservation. In April 2012, StandWithUs placed billboards in Denver that read, "Baby Israela, delivered by Israeli Medics in Haiti. Israel Saves Lives." In response to 100 anti-Israel billboards appearing in New York’s Metro-North (Westchester) train stations in July 2012, StandWithUs put up 75 billboards with six varying messages about Israel, highlighting Israel's history and its gifts to the world and underscoring the Palestinians' refusal to say yes to peace. StandWithUs continues to counter anti-Israel billboards and educate the public about the truth about Israel.
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