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Hot To Make An Inexpensive Rally Sign
Kinkos can print a black and white image on their large format printer (cost .75cents/square foot).
Even if the paper gets wet the printing won't run.
It can then be mounted on a substrate. ( foam core 20"x30" cost about $4.50 or you could use cardboard) .
Use a glue stick to glue the edges of the board with a couple of stripes through the center .
Center the paper sign on it and press down over the glue.

Take the overlapping paper and wrap it around the edge and glue it to the back.
Take 2" wide clear package wrapping tape and put one inch on the front edge and wrap it over to the back. Do this on all four sides. Result: A Finished Cheap Sign that looks professional and can last for numerous outings and if lost it is not a big deal.
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