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Humanitarian Medical Conference

The Humanitarian Medical Conference (HMC) brings top medical students from around the world to learn how to create and develop humanitarian missions abroad, witness cutting-edge technological developments in the field, and examine humanitarian care in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

The HMC 2010 was established and led by a group of students from Tel Aviv University as part of the StandWithUs Israel Fellowship program. Created to develop medical and humanitarian missions for victims of international conflicts and natural disasters, the three-day program, held from July 25 to July 28, was hosted by the prestigious Sackler Faculty of Medicine of Tel Aviv University. Approximately 70 medical students and activists from 25 difference countries -- from Bosnia to Nigeria -- participated in the program, including the chairmen of student medical associations in the U.S., the European Union, Sweden, and Bosnia. "I am aware of the Turkish criticism of Israel, and would like to hear more about the limits of providing humanitarian aid in such a sensitive conflict," said Onur Nihat, a Turkish participant.

The wide-ranging program included panels on different aspects of humanitarian aid and meetings with experts. Participants visited an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) military base to watch how IDF special units set up field hospitals during emergencies; spoke with the head of the recent Israeli delegation to earthquake-ravaged Haiti, Colonel Dr. Itzhak Kraise; met with various Israeli NGOs; and visited with the organizations Save a Child's Heart and Lev Lashalom. A series of panels addressed related issues, such as the ethical dilemmas that arise when caring for enemy combatants, the most effective types of humanitarian aid based on Israel's experiences around the world, and the ways medical innovations can be used in international settings.

Watch the promotional video here.

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