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Taste of Israel
For the second consecutive year, StandWithUs Israel Fellows will host the Taste of Israel tour. This five day tour highlight's Israel's mouth-watering flavors and breathtaking scenes, which stimulate all the senses and transports every food-lover on an aromatic journey, from east to west, from old-world gourmet to modern fusion cuisine. Israel is a melting pot of cultures, and its kitchen has become a culinary mixture in which traditions and tastes meet at the palate’s crossroads to form a delicious synergy. By savoring Israel and delving into its culture, tasters will undergo a unique experience that will shed a new, tasteful light on Israel and leave them wanting even more.

Taste of Israel 2013 - running October 6-10, 2013 - will accompany this group of culinary enthusiasts in a fun journey through restaurants, markets, wineries, agricultural & cheese production sites and cooking experiences, where participants will taste, smell, feel, see and hear about the wonders that Israel has to offer.

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