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StandWithUs is a leader among Israel advocacy organizations when it comes to educational web resources about Israel. Our plethora of print material is all available through our website for downloading (and print copies can be ordered through our Resources Shop). Our informative materials help to correct the one-sided anti-Israel narrative. Resources developed by StandWithUs include booklets, brochures, flyers, signs, fact sheets, postcards, teaching tools, and lesson plans for educators.

In addition, StandWithUs has created various web resources for students, community members, and activists worldwide to use in promoting and defending Israel. Our Teaching Tools and Lesson Plans were created for educators to use in their curricula to provide factual information about Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

StandWithUs has also developed various web-based resources that provide educational information about Israel, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the BDS movement, etc. Learn more about them through the Other Links section.
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